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Ladies wrestle the mud in Bolderwood forest contest



By Simon Lamen

THE ARMY has a little saying and it is summed up by the phrase “The Seven Ps”.  It stands for Prior Preparation and Planning Prevent a Poor Performance
   Okay that’s only six Ps but the seventh is not for general consumption (answer by email only). In essence it means that if you don’t check out the trail beforehand then someone will end up knee deep in mud and cold water.
   Well, the planning of Cush and myself meant that Cush spent two days thigh deep in mud and water and therefore the course was altered so that you the caniteer didn’t suffer the same fate and have a poor performance. Well not on this run anyway! Let's see what the future holds.
   With thanks to the Forestry Commission the caniteers were let loose in the Bolderwood and Highland Water Inclosures of the New Forest.
   We wanted to give you a run through the Mud, Water and Forests of the Land and hopefully we succeeded. The trail offered the caniteer all kinds of terrain including open heathland, streams swollen by recent rains and dirt trails turned to mud by deer, horses, mountain bikes and passing public.
   None of these deterred our runners. They and their canines set off into the woods and, following a trail of arrows and guiding lines, they negotiated the course.  A wide range of canines led their owners over and through the undulating terrain and on to glory.
   Now for some sexism! Boys, we need to get our entries in for the next race.  Prizes were there for the taking but the adult male competition was lacking and no awards were given
   The girls were leads and lines ahead and a fierce competition ensued. Congratulations to Anne Jennings and Sydney the Lurcher for beating all comers. Hot on Anne's heels were Cushla Lamen (Trail Runners) and Helen Chalk (Forestry Commission).
   Jane and Richard Morris were competing in the veteran categories and both - along with Chantelle and Hugo, their standard and miniature poodles - took home the gold.
   Two souls were brave enough to attempt the route harnessed to two dogs each: Chris Shave took to the trail with a Rottweiler and an Australian Sheep Dog, while Nicky


Helen Chalk - third in the ladies F1
Hutchison, a founder member of canicross in the UK, ran (or was dragged) by two of her huskies.
   I’ll not say lastly, because by choice the juniors all decided to run the seniors' route. In total five members of the Bosher family ran the trail.
   Mum escorted the girl’s team while the boys took flight. Well that’s how the teams left the start.  The finish was different as it was mixed teams by then. A minor coughing attack caused a team swop but they soldiered on to the finish and all teams were counted back in.
   Going back to the Seven Ps, always ensure that the computer battery is at full strength and that the back-up of a petrol generator actually generates the electricity required. Fortunately a pen and paper were available and without taking off my shoes and socks the results were calculated and published.
   We hope that you all had a great run. Now keep your eyes peeled for the events that are planned for the Forest of Dean and the New Forest.
   Plans are afoot to take canicross to the home of Lady Lansdowne at Bowood House, near Chippenham - and don’t forget to come and see us at the Wag and Bone Show at Windsor Great Park in August.
   Happy Trails!

Links: Forestry Commission and This is Hampshire
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